Friday, November 4, 2011

I Have the Best Job in the World, except...

I just need to say a few things. First of all, I have the best job in the world. I am a Stay at Home Mom. This is my choice and a blessing. It is a financial sacrifice my family makes to give me the opportunity to be the kind of mother I want to be. My husband is supportive and helps in any way he can. I love what I do, I love my kids and am grateful for this opportunity.

Having said that I would like to just vent for a minute. I am a STAY AT HOME MOM not a SIT at home mom (yes, someone has said this to me, yes, recently). When I am sick I don't "lay on the couch all day" (yep, this one too, recently). Actually, it is not in my contract to get sick days, holidays with pay (or really any monetary pay whatsoever), lunch breaks, pee breaks, or even shower breaks. I work weekends and nights. I have not blogged in months, not because I don't want to, or I'm over blogging,  because it involves me taking the time to come and sit at the actual computer and spending several minutes staying here. I am currently nursing a baby, eating my lunch and fighting with my 6 year old about why I need the computer more than him. It's for my sanity, so I win... THIS time! If I have a "no call no show" I'll go to jail. The very first time. I have been limping around on a broken foot for almost 3 weeks now cleaning toilets, putting away laundry, changing diapers, washing dishes, cooking meals (from scratch), wiping butts, running errands and all the while carrying around an 18+ pound 3 month old. This brings up another point, my job can actually be dangerous! I broke my foot while cleaning my kitchen! The people I work with depend heavily on my being at work every day. Maybe you do too, actually. I'm helping to raise the next generation of  Doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, Presidents, congressmen/women, computer programmers, weather persons, business owners, home builders & innovators. This is a collective effort of ALL parents (stay at home or not) & teachers, so I don't mean to imply it's just my job.  Did I mention we are currently homeschooling too? Also, believe it or not we do have a bit of a schedule here, and there are lists of things to do before the end of my day. I'm not sure when my day ends really, as I am ALWAYS on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. But if you are going to "stop by" do it within a reasonable window of when you said you would. Also, when I do get the rare chance to "hang out" with other SAHM's we most often talk about our kids which will often lead to the "my kids sleeps/eats/travels/sings/listens better than yours" competition/conversation. That conversation alone is enough to make us doubt ourselves. We don't need extra comments to keep us humble. Thanks though. Believe me, I could edit this paragraph and add something new to it a million times, but you get the idea; hopefully.

I guess what I am trying to say here is just because I stay at home doesn't mean I'm not working. I promise not to insult you on the job you do, if you don't insult me by saying I'm not doing one. All mothers (who choose to raise their children), working out of the home, or staying in the home, are working and deserve applause, not put downs. I'm being summoned from the bathroom, so I guess I'm done venting for the day. Sorry that this is the only blog I've made time for. Maybe this weekend I can get some pictures up! To all of you moms out there- Stay strong Sisters!