Saturday, March 28, 2009

What To Do on A Rainy Saturday???

Well MY suggestion is pull out an old Huggies Wipes box. We have tested it for durability and entertainment value. My kids give it two thumbs up. With all the rain we have had lately our kids have been getting a little antsy. The computer, tv and school books can only hold attention for so long. SOOOOOO... Aarik gave them an amusement park ride right in our own front room. Step 1; Pull out an empty, sturdy box of choice, Step 2: Allow your children to entertain themselves with the box for as long as you can get away with it, Step 3: Allow your husband to give the kids turns "riding" around a large empty room in the box.
CAUTION: DO NOT attempt this if you are not trained, if there are corners that your child could be "flung" into , or if you have any better source of entertainment!! Step 4: ENJOY!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This morning we used the pbs kids website and of course wound up on the Super Why! website. Konnor went through two rounds of Super Why! spelling bees. He typed in hi name, and mad a crown for himself and then went back, typed Mckenzie's name and made a crown for her! What a wonderful brother and smart boy he is! I posted the pics below because if I put them up here they didn't show the whole pic! I am really not so good at this blogging stuff and I'm trying to figure out how to only display the newest blog... Any one who wants to tell me how to do this? All help is appreciated!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a busy weekend!

Friday the 13th was Aariks birthday. Westarted the weekend out by doing a small family fun afternoon. Aarik, Konnor, Mckenzie and I had homemeade Margherita pizza and chocolate caramel trifle. We spent the afternoon as a family. Saturday Aarik and I went to the Raleigh temple and the kids stayed with Nana. Of course Aarik and I had a great morning away. We came home refreshed and invigorated. Without any pictures however, due to the inclement weather ;-( But the kids had an amazing time too!! The highlight of their day was when Nana played babies with them. By this I mean they were the babies. Complete with blankies. They are a little big to be babies, I must admit, but all three of them seemed to enjoy this game. Sunday, after church, we did a small family dinner and birthday cake at Nanas. Josh and Aimee stopped by for awhile. For anyone who doesn't know, my kids ADORE Josh and Aimee. We spend endless hours praying for them and talking about them, and even naming all of the babies in the house after them. So this was a big deal. Josh fed Mckenzie her birthday cupcake and they both had a lot of fun with that. Konnor was really excited to find that Josh's phone could play all of his favorite music. Both of them are technical junkies so they tend to find things like this to do together. Mckenzie was very excited to spend somet ime with Aimee too as she has been telling us all week how much she missed her!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Time's A Charm??

Ok, we are going to try this blogging thing again, as it seems like I am the only mom who can't balance email, facebook and a blog (oh yeah, where are my kids...). I think I'll be a bit better at it this time. Sadly the last thing I can think of to blog about is the snow we got. SOOOO... The day we got snow I was really excited b/c I figure this could be the last chance my children get to play in the snow!! So we went out WAY too early to play. The kids were confused at first, but soon took to the snow like ducks to water. (or kids to snow) We must have watched a few movies with snow because they knew you could make a snowman. As we all know and have discussed people from NC, especiaally our area do not have snow worthy apparell; needless to say we spent the day going in and out, replacing layers of clothes as necessary. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, one I hope my children will remember. As a sidebar, for any one who is not aware, we will not be having a baby at the beginning of September as we thought we would. We lost our baby a few weeks ago and have been dealing with this matter as a family. We know Heavenly Father has a reason for all things and we know this situation is no different. Our family is very much at peace with this and want to thank all of our friends who were so helpful during our time of need.