Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Konnor is a cutie!

Konnor has been selected to be in a cutest kids photo contest!! Please vote for him here!! Thanks! I'm so proud of my little cuties!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As close to a Christmas card as we're going to get

Because I'm really starting to believe that will be true this year (yes, for the second year in a row), I'm posting pictures that I intended still hope to use as Christmas card pictures. Oh, and also the ones that I have no intentions to use, but it kind of helps my excuse. One afternoon a week or so ago I got the kids dressed in their Christmas best, stuck them in front of our tree and attempted to make magic. Most of the pictures were not quite put together enough and not quite silly enough to use. A few pictures I had set aside for Christmas card pics just in case since they are pretty cute. If I get a chance tonight to attempt to do cards online through Sam's I will. If not, at least someone will know I made an effort. Kind of. These are, of course, in no order because that would take away from the laziness of this sad situation. :) But honestly, these kids are too cute to not show them off.