Friday, February 26, 2010

Mckenzie's First Hair Cut :)

Today I took Mckenzie to get her first haircut! We have been talking about this for awhile. I introduced her to Tiffany (the fabulous girl who I've recently started going to) a few weeks ago. She has been talking about her since that day. When we would see pretty girls in magazines or out somewhere she would say "Look! It's Tiffany!" We have all been excited. So today we went over to the salon and Kenzie threw pennies in a fountain while we waited. When we went back she sat in the chair and Tiffany put on the cape (see picture). For the first several minutes as the back was being shaped up she was fine and sat (with a confused look on her face) quietly and mostly still. But after the back was neatly cut and stacked, and while the front was still quite long, she decided that she was over it. First we had to take the cape off b/c she didn't like it. Shortly thereafter she went from sitting quietly to a complete Mckenzie meltdown. "I don't want my hair cut anymore! Tiffany, don't cut my hair!!" Yep, seriously. I'll have to say I just sat, like an idiot, and waited for Tiffany to tell me what to do. This woman is a pro. She pulled out everything from chocolate, to sparkles and finally even a picture book full of High School Musical actors whose hair she had done. With a book full of High School Musical Mckenzie finally (somewhat unknowingly) allowed the haircut to be finished. Although getting her to be still for a good picture has been impossible, I have a before during and after for now. More pictures to come.

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