Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Mom found a cute little pumpkin patch where thay had an area to take pictures while you pick your pumpkin, so we took the kiddos over and tried it out. If Konnor wasn't desperately in need of a haircut these pics would be even better, but they are still pretty cute! Not only did this place have cheap pumpkins and a place to take pics, but they also had lots of different looking pumpkins and we loved it. Mostly because the kids loved it. I was sure we'd come home with one of the greenish-black ones, or a misshapen one or the warty reddish one they both kept gravitating to. In the end they only picked $1.50 worth of pumpkins between the two of them and both were almost too normal after all the fun ones we had seen! Yay for fall!!!