Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Race Dates SO Far

In an effort to have some accountability, while I'm waiting to register for the Marathon and for them to announce the actual day in October, I am registered for every race I intend to do between now and then as "build up" races to help me gauge how my training is going. So I told you guys about my 5k in March, I'll also be doing a 10k in April and a half marathon  in May. If any of y'all are close by and feel like coming out to cheer me on I'd love to see you!  June 1st I should be able to tell you that I am registered for the Full Marathon and what the actual date is. So you can expect at least one big update a month on how training is going. After I'm actually registered for the full there may be one or two more build up races thrown in. I'm hoping that we will see continued support in our fundraising efforts for SMA on Callie's behalf. You can click on that link any time between now and race day and donate and your donation will go to GSF on behalf of Callie, which makes it a little more special than just donating. Right now we are at 5% of our goal, which is awesome but we still have a long way to go. I want you guys to realize that while there is currently no treatment, they are SO close to finding one. That's why it is so important that we do what we can to help them.

The little ticker to the right on this page is keeping track of where we are with our fundraising. It's a little droopy for some reason (I'm trying to figure that out) but it will help keep you guys up to date. I'm trying to find a ticker that I can update to let you guys know how many miles I've run for Callie since we announced our efforts. Until I find one I'll just share that info with you guys once a week after the longest run of the week (usually Saturdays). I want to show that this is a sincere effort with work going into it & hopefully people will match the work efforts with donations! Thanks for all  you are doing to help this effort along!

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