Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Almost Died This Morning

Well, it felt that way. After being up all night with loud neighbors, then a teething baby and then my own frustration, my alarm went off at 5am. It was completely dark out so I rolled over until it went off again at 5:30. Repeat. At 6 I finally decided to get up, since I should have been running by then anyway. When I left the house for my eleven mile run it was 74 degrees and 100% humidity. 100% humidity. The first several miles I thought I might drown. Half of the run there was drizzle, but not the refreshing kind. The kind that happens when there is so much humidity in the air it has no where else to go but drizzle form. At the 10k point it felt like the humidity had dropped some and then by nine miles it felt worse again. Home now and it's 72 and 98% humidity. But... I DID finish. I've been training without music since I'm running on a lot of main roads and so I had lots of time to think. Today the post I wrote for Laura over at Mommy Run Fast went up. I'm so grateful to her for sharing some of her blog space/time and for her kindness. I'm also laughing at how I worded  "I had our third son" obviously that didn't come out like I thought it did. Wondering if I had mean to put "our third child, a son". Truthfully the past year has been such a blur of insanity that I'm glad that's the worst thing I did on there. I'm hoping to get a post up tonight (or maybe tomorrow...)about Parker's first birthday. For now I need to go get everyone ready for church- Happy Sunday!!

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  1. You are one tough mama, congrats on getting your 11 miler in! So glad I can help spread the word. :)