Monday, November 5, 2012


It brings out every crazy person fiber in your body. No. Joke. You worry that you're not going to be able to run 26.2 miles when (for me) the longest you've run was 18 miles, before that 15, and that was  3 freaking weeks before the race. My Achilles is killing me. Is it my imagination? I have a newly developed rare form of ADD, on steroids. I can't concentrate on ANYTHING for more than a few seconds at a time. Tonight, I started dinner, cleaning the kitchen and school room, Pandora and checking emails all within a 5 minute period. I go to the grocery store, with a list, and still don't know what I bought. School is interesting because, between Konnor, Mckenzie and myself we have about a 5 minute concentration span. I'm forgetting words I use every day, or thinking of sentences and as I type them forgetting what I was going to say (5 minutes ago I knew the word for "concentration span"). I have forgotten most of the names of people in my cycle class and this morning I told my Monday morning group to "have a great weekend" :-| I have too much energy and it's giving me the shakes, like I could just climb out of my skin. Last night I had a dream that I overslept on the day of the race, the only person around was the one person I knew wouldn't help me, so when I finally got to the race (which was at the YMCA i work at) I was 2 hours late, but decided to run anyway hoping I could run it in 5 hours or less (the cut off time is 7 hours),  but when I started running it wound up being a marathon/scavenger hunt. LOL  This must be what a bad drug experience is like.
Sorry for my random rambling. Just thinking that when I train for my next marathon, it may be helpful to remember this very odd experience.

**UPDATE** it's ATTENTION span!!! Lol, it just came back to me!

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