Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This was just a few minutes ago, when my kids realized I was baking chocolate chip cookies...
I have to admit, I have been baking more than necessary lately. The reason?
My kids LOVE it!

This picture was taken just a little while before the "muffin incident". For any of you I haven't told about this here is a brief recap. On this day I had made some blueberry muffins with fresh, beautiful blueberries and yummy homemade streusel on top. They smelled AMAZING!! The kids posted up in front of the oven the entire 20 minutes. After I took them out I put them on a plate to cool. I put the plate as far back as it would go on the counter and explained that they were VERY HOT. For some reason, in my mind, this was enough to prevent premature muffin eating. We all walked into another room and I decided to sit down for a second to check my email. I sat down at the computer, right beside the kitchen door way, for MAYBE 5 minutes. When I got up and walked into the kitchen, to my surprise, there were muffins missing! I walked into the front room where konnor was sitting and eating a muffin. I asked "Konnor, what did you do?" He looked at me and very seriously said to me, "Well, I blew it off!" Yes, I laughed. Yes, in front of them both. But the muffins really were that good...

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  1. That is so stinkin cute! Your family is adorale, miss you guys and please give your family my love :)