Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wearing Tags and Eating Cookies

Last night I told Konnor and Mckenzie that since the missionaries were coming for dinner tonight that we would wake up in the morning and bake some cookies. This actually worked to my benefit because they wanted to go to bed right away. Today ALL day long the kids were so excited for the missionaries to come. Konnor even made the declaration "Konnor is a missionary!!" (I am pretty sure this was because he thought that would mean he could eat the cookies before the elders arrived) After they left tonight Konnor told us how much he wanted to be a missionary because they get to wear tags and eat cookies. We told him that when he is 19 he can be a missionary. To which he responded "I am 19! I want to be 19!" Holy funny kid! I only hope that he has that same desire in 15 years!


  1. Too sweet! When you run out of Jesus puzzles, you can buy little future missionary tags at the bookstore.

  2. LOL I know! We actually told Konnor last night that in July we w ould bring them back Missionary tags instead of a puzzle! He was VERY excited! Now we just need to find stickers like the Elders have on the back of theirs!