Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hand wash cold seperately

For the past two months Konnor has been in costume. For the first month he was Spiderman. I let him wear his costume around the house a day or two out of the week and on his birthday I let him wear it all day, to stores and even to dinner that night. No big deal right? We aren't forming any ridiculous habits or anything... Since about a week before Halloween he has been War Machine (Iron Man's friend or assistant or something that he saw on an Iron Man cartoon DVD that a friend let us borrow). K, so it's not just a day or two a week now, it's been most every day. He will wear normal clothes out in public (this does not include my mother's house- that is War Machine territory), and he sleeps in pj's at night but as soon as his feet hit the floor he's off to get his costume. Well let me just say, it was starting to show that he was wearing it that much. The stitching at the waist had torn on one side and, to be honest, it was starting to smell. Aarik and I had just held onto hope he would outgrow this phase but, alas, it seems this will last longer than Spiderman. So tonight while Konnor was in the bath I sewed his costume up and after the kids were out of the bath I handwashed it in the bathroom sink. Konnor stood there watching and finally asked what I was doing. I told him I fixed the hole and I was washing his costume. I dunno what type of reaction I did expect but it wasn't the one I got. He looked at me with his sweet little angel face and said "Thank you Mommy" in the most sincere way I've ever heard a 5 year old say Thank You. I'm so glad we didn't throw it away while he was sleeping.


  1. Konnor andy my son Enzo are twinners. My son always wants to wear costumes as well.

    I found you via A Foodie Stays Fit and I had to come and visit your blog. I too love ham way more than turkey. Maybe we're also twinners!

  2. I wonder if it's an age thing or if all little boys just do the costume thing at some point. :)

    Love that blog. I'll have to start keeping up with yours too!