Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Daughter Is Beautiful

...and nurturing, and kind hearted, and smart, and driven and OH SO BOSSY! She reminds me of myself at different times in my life. The hardest part is when she reminds me of me at 16. ugh. But we are blessed that it's a rare occasion. She is the only person in our house who can find all of Konnor's tiny little superheroes. She loves to cook (not quite as much as Konnor), and she loves to eat. She prefers to wear her pajamas, but when called upon to wear normal clothing she is very opinionated about what is acceptable. She can bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in every member of our family. I sometimes remember how scared I was when I was pregnant with her, that I wouldn't be able to love two children equally, or that she would take away from Konnor somehow. During that time I received a blessing in which I was told how important she would be for Konnor. How true it was! I see it more every day, I think about what his life would be like if we had waited until later and not been able to give him a brother or sister and how lonely he would have been. She has her daddy wrapped around her little fingers. Today she made him sit in her room for at least an hour playing some game where you go to sleep and wake up. Bless his heart. I'm so grateful for my kids. Even when sometimes I think it would be nice to have something else to blog about! :)


  1. she sounds fun. i want to come over for a play date.

  2. I wish we could do that! Meet you half way? :)