Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Rainy Cold Sunday Afternoon

It really isn't unusual in our home to still be in our pajamas at dinner time. Not every day, but lots of them.I realize there are people out there who think this is lazy, or unproductive, but I could care less, it works for us. This afternoon, however, would have been a complete waste if spent in anything other than p.j.'s. We took advantage of a very cold, very dreary, rainy day and took a day off. We stayed at home, just the four of us and it was the best! First of all, we have never done it before, but Mckenzie recently acquired a bead set from my mom and so we made bracelets. This is mine:
Mckenzie did not want words on hers so she had a heart and color bead bracelet (far left), Konnor wanted a super hero bracelet, yes, we were shocked too, so Aarik had to have a Captain America bracelet (3rd from left) and Konnor has Iron Man (far right).
This was our first "family" art/craft project in a VERY long time and it was frustrating and fun all at once.
Then it was that time of day when, if we've been locked in all day, I start baking. This almost always happens just before I should be making dinner. Must be that 3:30 crash. So today we made a pound cake. One of our favorite pound cake recipes. Unfortunately I did not have any whipping cream on hand to make our favorite fresh topping :( It was still a yummy treat. Of course we only had taco soup for dinner by the time we put this together, but, hey, it was perfect for this day.

The kids with all of our creations.

AND, I had to throw in one from last weeks "snow" because it's fun to see your kids get so excited about snow.

So grateful for afternoons like this when we get our "excuse" for relaxing, not-so-productive family time.


  1. Yum! That cake looks great! Maybe you should bring some dessert on Friday. ;)

  2. Too funny Cort, I just sent you an email saying I would love to! But for Friday, I'm thinking CHOCOLATE!

  3. you kids are so cute. The bracelets look fun and you are such a FUN mom!