Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Almost there...

Well I haven't done as well as I'd intended keeping up with this pregnancy by blogging. I guess the truth is that I'd promised myself I wasn't going to complain during this pregnancy because we are so blessed to be able to get this baby here. Having said that, if you can't complain the last couple months of pregnancy, there often isn't much to talk about. :) But we are FINALLY in the home stretch (34 weeks tomorrow) so I felt like I should blog about something. The latest news with Mr Parker is that at my check up last week he had dropped so low and sunken back so far that we had a very hard time finding his heartbeat (surprise surprise) this prompted a check and we found out that I had also dilated to a two. Considering that I've given birth to two children and had a D&C I wasn't too concerned but with the amount of contractions I've been having for the past several weeks it meant a fetal fibronectin test and bed rest for the weekend until the results came back. I did almost 3 months of bed rest when I was pregnant with Konnor. Aarik was working during the day and we had no kids so the apartment stayed clean and he could come home and hang out with me in the bed when he was home. We also had a surprisingly large amount of help for a young couple with no kids. This was quite a different weekend. We now have two kids tornadoes that can tear a house apart in two seconds flat. Aarik spent father's day weekend regulating wrestling matches, trying to clean up behind them, cooking (which he NEVER has had to do since we got married), bed time routine, and trying to finish up all of our last minute baby projects that we saved to keep ourselves busy the last few weeks of waiting. The man deserves some kind of award. Finally at 4 o clock yesterday we got the call. There is a 95% chance that Parker will NOT be making his grand entrace between now and July 1st. For some reason I still am not allowed to exercise, pick up kids (or anything "heavy" for that matter), or do shopping that requires a long period of walking or standing. I guess if it's that or bed rest, I'll take it. At my 35 week check up next Monday we are supposed to get a better idea of where and when we are going. If it works out I'll try to blog about that and Mckenzie's fourth birthday next week. Once Parker arrives I will also blog about that as soon as I get the chance. Hopefully that one will wait until the second week in July!

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