Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A quick update from a true slacker

I'm sure glad no one keeps a close eye on our blog because I've been slacking big time. We have had a crazy, busy, happy, sad, insane couple of months. One thing I will say about it is that during the past couple of weeks I was blessed to have a very special experience to help my be grateful for the Lord's timing, and why as hard as we tried, we just couldn't get Parker here before now. I'll forever be grateful for that experience and the blessing of remembering something that seemed small last time I was pregnant but wound up being a beautiful blessing. For the sake of time (or the lack thereof) I'll just update on something I should have updated on a while ago. For Mother's Day my mom was sweet enough to buy me/us a 3d 4d ultrasound session at Watch Me Grow ultrasounds studio in Statesville. Since we were down there so much anyway, it wound up being fairly convenient. While Parker did exactly what I knew he would and did not cooperate, we were lucky enough to get a couple of pictures of the side of his face wedged between my bladder (shocker) and the placenta. So I'm just sharing a couple that aren't too crazy looking.  
The kids went with us and were really excited to see their little brother.

 He doesn't look anything like the other two did but still has some time to change. Love his little fat lips and face. Hope his head doesn't get too much fatter before he comes (if ya know what I mean).
This was the only shot we got of his hands.

His foot. Braced against my rib. At only 27 weeks. Yeah, didn't know that could happen but it was nice to know that I wasn't crazy and he really has been doing that for awhile now (these pics are from a month ago).

This last one is a picture of the "viewing area" for any guests that you bring. It was awesome for the kids to sit in the same room in a comfy area and watch on a huge screen.
 The lady who runs the place is about as nice as you could ever hope for someone to be. She was patient and tried to get our little monkey to cooperate. He WAS completely rolled into my spine when we first got there. My only complaint/thought was that if you never see anymore than the side of the kids face it may be nice to offer for someone to come back. As a side note, she does let you come back for free if you don't get any face shots or if you can't determine the sex. Although, now that I thin about it, she never did look at that for us either.... Well, she is priced better than a lot of other places and will spend time with you once you are there. My Dr told me yesterday that if by some crazy twist I wind up going all the way to 39 weeks that he will induce me. YAY! June will be my last full month as a pregnant woman and Parker can have his own birthday month.

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  1. Hey I always check your blog, so I'm glad you updated it. That 4d ultrasound is pretty cool. I'm sure he'll be so handsome.