Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Long and Short of Things

Ok, so I haven't blogged in awhile and there's a lot to blog about, but for now just wanted to share that after a scare with what was thought to be a fractured foot, I'm fracture free. My doctor is referring me to a Sports Medicine doctor to see if they can help me figure out the source of the pain and get me running as close to pain free as possible for the rest of the year. At some point I may need surgery or some other form of treatment, depending on what we find, but from what it sounds like, as long as there are no new injuries this year, I should be able to complete my goals for this year. I got permission to run last night and went out for three miles and it felt great! I'll just be doing lots of icing after running, and some Tylenol before on long run days. Once I get in with the Sports medicine doctor I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Parker was 9 months last week. Lots of crawling, pulling up on things and trying to walk. I'm exhausted all the time. Konnor and Mckenzie help me a lot by trying to keep him entertained. He's a beautiful baby, but even with the ear infections under control (I'm assuming) he isn't the happiest baby we've ever had. We are so busy and crazy that there isn't a lot of picture taking but I'm hoping to get a few of the kids this week!
Another reason I hope we get some pics this week is that I got a new and much shorter hair cut! Way more convenient for motherhood and a year full of running. The girl who cuts my hair is a good friend and also friends with Callie's Nana. When she heard what I was doing she immediately made a contribution. I'm super excited that we are getting closer to being half way to our goal. This is such an important contribution we are making and it's going to help change a lot of lives.

Last week was an important week for SMA. All of the charities and foundations that I'm following so closely were in Washington DC. Here is GSF's experience in D.C. These organizations are passionate about spreading awareness and helping improve the lives of not only the kids who have SMA, but their families dealing with the disease as well. I encourage you to drop in on some of their websites every once in awhile.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with new pictures, good running news and longer mileage!

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