Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let them eat... fruit pizza

We haven't had a lot of family time in the kitchen in recent months, which feels really weird by the way. So this week we had a quick little date and made some fruit pizza. I'd had some at a baby shower a while back that was amazing and had been craving it since. So when I found a really quick and easy recipe on Pinterest, we had to try it. Let me just say that I have only had homemade cookies and frosting for a couple of years now, so it was hard to go along with this all the way, but a lot of things change after baby 3. Nothing brag worthy or crazy. There wasn't a lot of effort or prep. It at least satisfied the craving and made for a fun time and some cute pics. Family time in the kitchen is my favorite. 

 Dad got in on the action....
 Parker and I waited patiently for our turn. Yes I had just finished working out. So?!
 Masterpiece completed
 Everyone was happy


  1. You're such an awesome mommy Jess! I'm too lazy to that with my boys.

  2. Oh, please, Kelly you're a GREAT mom! I just like to eat, so it's only natural to get my monkey's in the kitchen with me!! ha ha!