Thursday, March 19, 2009

This morning we used the pbs kids website and of course wound up on the Super Why! website. Konnor went through two rounds of Super Why! spelling bees. He typed in hi name, and mad a crown for himself and then went back, typed Mckenzie's name and made a crown for her! What a wonderful brother and smart boy he is! I posted the pics below because if I put them up here they didn't show the whole pic! I am really not so good at this blogging stuff and I'm trying to figure out how to only display the newest blog... Any one who wants to tell me how to do this? All help is appreciated!!


  1. ok chicka, where you type all the info about your family doings, and so forth you know where you are typing to explain about the pictures, there is a small litle icon above the box that is for pictures, and then just click on it and pick the picture you want to upload, or you can do video's there also. so you can either pick out the picture first and upload it, and then type below the code it puts in the box and then obviously the words you type will be on top, or you can type and then click on the icon to upload the code. does this make sense???? let me know this is the best way i know how to explain it

  2. thanks dear, i will work on figuring this stuff out! i never thought i would be so technologically unadvanced!