Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a busy weekend!

Friday the 13th was Aariks birthday. Westarted the weekend out by doing a small family fun afternoon. Aarik, Konnor, Mckenzie and I had homemeade Margherita pizza and chocolate caramel trifle. We spent the afternoon as a family. Saturday Aarik and I went to the Raleigh temple and the kids stayed with Nana. Of course Aarik and I had a great morning away. We came home refreshed and invigorated. Without any pictures however, due to the inclement weather ;-( But the kids had an amazing time too!! The highlight of their day was when Nana played babies with them. By this I mean they were the babies. Complete with blankies. They are a little big to be babies, I must admit, but all three of them seemed to enjoy this game. Sunday, after church, we did a small family dinner and birthday cake at Nanas. Josh and Aimee stopped by for awhile. For anyone who doesn't know, my kids ADORE Josh and Aimee. We spend endless hours praying for them and talking about them, and even naming all of the babies in the house after them. So this was a big deal. Josh fed Mckenzie her birthday cupcake and they both had a lot of fun with that. Konnor was really excited to find that Josh's phone could play all of his favorite music. Both of them are technical junkies so they tend to find things like this to do together. Mckenzie was very excited to spend somet ime with Aimee too as she has been telling us all week how much she missed her!

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