Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 months and counting

Yesterday was the 16 week mark for baby Applegate. We are excited and grateful to have made it this far with no complications. At my last appointment I FINALLY got to hear the heart beat, obviously that was wonderful as we had been waiting for the comfort of that moment. In less than two weeks we will find out the gender, if said baby will cooperate with us (hasn't been this child's strong suit so far). Other than that life as usual, crazy busy. EXCEPT for the wonderful surprise of Spring like temps in February! We've been spending as much time as we can outside and we are loving every minute of it. There are pictures somewhere but this was meant to be a quick post! Now a quick funny story: After my last appointment went well I decided to go ahead and pull out all of the clothes out that we haven't given away or donated to get an idea of how much we will need (it will be almost sic years since Konnor was a baby and four since Mckenzie). Because we were moving the kids into the same room and then reorganizing what will be the baby room I just left them in the front room in a corner. Today, since the kids are in their room, and the "baby room" is in much better shape than before  (and I am tired of that corner looking junky), I moved the stuff into the baby room. Konnor saw what I was doing and asked "Is somebody bringing our baby today?!?!" Love him! If only it were that easy...

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