Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choices, choices...

Is it more important to do everything possible to keep my weight in check with a little over 20 weeks left in this pregnancy or to enjoy the things that I want? This is the first pregnancy I've ever had that I can not stop thinking about and craving ICE CREAM. Almost all of the time! I've had my fair share of Cook Out milkshakes in various flavors. So far I've limited it to one ice cream cave in a week. Tonight y dilemma is that I'm trying to keep my weight gain under or at a certain number for the twenty week mark and I already had Shrimp and Grits for dinner (yum) but I can not deny that Ben & Jerry's Half Baked is calling screaming my name! And Yes. I will likely eat the entire thing. In one sitting. What would you do?!?!


  1. Joni- I did it! Couldn't eat the whole thing and wound up walking for an hour on the treadmill that night anyway (insomnia). Sometimes it is worth the indulgence!