Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I honestly thought by now Mckenzie would have outgrown Stuffer. Or at least maybe have detatched some. Boy was I wrong. It would appear their "bond" has only grown stronger. For example this first picture I took just a few days ago of Mckenzie AND stuffer strapped into Kenze's carseat. Yes, she did do that herself. I thought I may as well throw in a few more pictures with Stuffer for good measure. So my question for anyone who's kid has gone through this is How long will this last and what do I do when Stuffer falls apart (she is well on her way) before Kenzie is over it? If your child had an attachment item what was it?


  1. Oh man...Lathen had Joe Joe. This stuffed dog that he would pull the hair out of and use the hair to tickle his nose while he sucked his thumb.
    For us the detachment came when Joe Joe was lost (later he found him, left at a friends house). It was hard...I had to pull my own hair out so he would have a hair to tickle his nose with. But after about two weeks we were able to move on. We told Lathen that Joe Joe had gotten the mange and had to go to the vet and sadly died (horrible I know).

    Those kinds of attachments are hard. I know a lot of parents that have their child give there special something to someone else's new baby (then that person throw it out or gives it to you to put up and bring out at a great embarrassing moment when they are teenagers).

    Good luck!

  2. I had a stuffed panda bear that I literally loved the face right off of. My mom brought it to me last week because she found it while packing up to move. My cousin was had and loved the same bear and her mom actually sewed a new cover for it that looked nothing like the original. It was pitiful but she carried it around everywhere and loved that one into pieces, too!