Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Childrens Museum

Today we took the kids to The Childrens Museum downtown. Honestly, this may have been the most fun thing we have done as a family. I was really impressed with the whole set up and how much my kids loved it. I guess it is geared toward all children but it was honestly like Heaven on Earth for my kids. They had giant ABC's everywhere and Konnor had me take his picture with all of the ones we saw. It was like they were celebrities or something. Mckenzie LOVED doing crafts (She painted flowers) and she was excellent at shopping. She filled her cart up in like 2 minutes, although I will say she bought A LOT of cake mix... We spent quite a bit of time in their library area reading books and playing with HUGE Melissa & Doug puzzles of the solar system and the United States. Like I said, right down our alley. Of course when it was time to leave a meltdown, like we have never seen the likes of before, ensued. We learned to go earlier, and pack a lunch, this could definitely be an all day event. The kids learned that we won't stay any longer just b/c they freak out about leaving. I really think we may have to do a year membership. The last 15 minutes aside, this was an AWESOME trip. Konnor would like to blog so he says...

konnor says boys are back

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  1. I love all of the pics, your blog is so cute. The Children's Museum sounds like a blast. I hope all s well :)