Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter weekendwas very fun and VERY busy for our family! We had a temple trip to Raleigh, a birthday party in Winston Salem, an Easter egg hunt in Statesville, Easter morning in Rural Hall, church in Winston and Easter dinner at Nana's in Pfafftown! Whew... Of course this made it hard to pick our favorite few pictures, but these are some of them. Each event had such significance and added something special. As our hearts and minds turned to the Savior and what he has done for us, all of us, but our family in particular, it was wonderful to have each of these experiences. Not enough can be said of the blessings of the temple and yet I feel like that is suffucient. The birthday party was wonderful because it was one of those things that reminded us how lucky we are to be members of the church and to have such amazing friends and acquantances. It was uplifting and enjoyable (even in pouring rain!) We are so lucky to be surrounded by people who put family and God first. People like that make life a bit easier. The rest of the weekend was spent with family. Different parts of our family and in different surroundings. In all places there was a feeling of love, and peace knowing we were with people we care about, who care about us. What more do you need to be reminded of what Jesus did for you? With words from conference still fresh in our minds we thought a lot about the sacrifices Jesus made for us so that we can be able to rise above our mistakes, downfalls and heartaches. I can't think of a day in my life that I haven't made a mistake! How wonderful that he "should care for us enough to die for us!" I can not fathom eternity without the feeling of being with the people you love the most in THIS world, who care about you too! To have that amazing feeling every second of every day.... For that our opportunity family is grateful. We hope everyone had a wonderful and meaningful Easter weekend. I know there are some people who will be disappointed that this blog isn't full of my normal thick sarcasm... give it a week... Also for anyone who is interested we have TONS more pictures that you can check out on our facebook, or myspace and I'll put a few more under our postings.

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  1. Now I look bad. You talk about the Savior in your Easter post- all I do is post pictures.

    Geez.....just one up me. :)