Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Trip to the ZOO!!!

We took our kids to the zoo for the first time! After a week of anticipation and excitement we went to Asheboro around lunch time on Saturday. We watched Madagascar 2 all the way there and talked about how we would see Marty, Alex and Melman. Konnor thought we were actually going to Africa which made the trip SOOO much better. Oddly enough, there were TONS and TONS of people and not so many animals. This was slightly disappointing, but the trip was still fun. Konnor kept wanting to go in the cages with the animals and Aarik and I had lots of fun trying to explain why this was not a good idea without scaring him enough to ruin the trip. Mckenzie didn't react too much beyond a "yeah" when we would ask her if she saw a certain animal. That is until we made the mistake of going into one of the gift shops. Then the shopper in her came out and we were lucky to escape at all. We hope that next time we go we can see more than a handful of animals, but we enjoyed the weather, the family time and our first trip to "Africa".


  1. Jessica, I think you're a great blogger, I love catching up on all of the excitement in the Applegate house! I can't believe how big your kids are getting, they are growing up so fast. I hope all is well-love Janie :)

  2. a secret i have learned about the zoo...go when it is cloudy and not very warm...then the animals come out! if you ever want to venture again...we would love to tag along!

  3. How fun! Anytime you want to go we'd love to - we have a pass.