Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball for FHE

We had our FHE on Tuesday night this week. Hey, better late than never! We played a version of softball. In this version mom and dad throw a ball at each other and swing at every pitch, sometimes knocking the ball into the neighbors yard. Also in this version when you tell Konnor to hit the ball, you had better hope that Mckenzie isn't holding it. If she is, she WILL NOT pitch the ball; however, she will run through the yard with it. Konnor, following orders, will chase Mckenzie through two yards with a bat, swinging at her.... This is the Applegate way of playing FHE softball.... By the way, we did not paint Mckenzie's face for our softball night. She rubbed her hands on the car tire and then painted her own face. Since it was kind of fitting, we left it. I know, I know, we are horrible parents.


  1. You are not bad parents! That sounds like so much fun!

    I saw your blog from Jen's! I hope you don't mind!!!

  2. Not bad parents! If you need to give them a bath at some point anyways, at least let them have fun, y'know?