Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few Highlights from this week...

Monday my kids asked me if I would "go tanning" with them! (yeah, it did make me realize I need to cut back a little..) So since my kids are lilly white, and it was rainy out, we put on our swimsuits and went "tanning" in our front room! We have a lot more funny pictures of this, but I picked the one I'm not in.

So Tuesday was a bit nicer, we decided to go outside and play! A few minutes after getting outside and putting down a blanket I looked over to find this...

After Explaining (several times) that we need to cover our "boobies" to Ms Kenzie she and Konnor both decided that they should. They agreed to wear "workout" clothes. They decided to dance while singing "Can I Have This Dance?" From High School Musical 3 :)

We are really starting to appreciate that they are best friends it is really sweet huh?

Since we were in our "work out clothes" and I was going running, Konnor told me he wanted to go "running with mommy!" So we put on his "running shoes" and sure enough he ran a good tenth of a mile down the road with me. Unfortunately we did not get any pics of this. I promise I'll try to remember next time! When we got home he sat on the couch with a big cup of water and didn't move for awhile. He kept saying "I'm SO tired!" "Konnor is SO tired!" It was So cute and SO hilarious. OK, anyone who knows me knows that Konnor is the love of my life. So I have to say I don't feel too guilty spending a minute "spotlighting" Mckenzie. This girl is the funniest person I have EVER met in my entire life! I wish I could remember every little funny thing she does, but since I can't, here are a few. I finally had to stop buying sour cream all together, and hide the bottle of Ranch that I keep for Aarik to put on his salads (etc) b/c Mckenzie will open the refrigerator, find the sour cream (or Ranch) and want to eat it. I used to be able to give her carrots, or celery to dip in it. But finally we resorted to her wanting sour cream/ranch, me puttting it on the plate and Mckenzie ordering me to give her a spoon. She would seriously sit there and eat straight condiments, for as long as she possibly could. Disgusting? YEAH! Hilarious?Ok, yes it is. A few weeks ago I walked into her room to get her clothes out of the clothes hamper and I found... EVERYTHING I had been missing for that whole week! AND some stuff I would have been happy NOT finding! I have since learned that if she finds ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING lying on the floor and she is in a cleaning mood, it goes in the hamper! She is BOSSY! She is SASSY! She has started hitting ( I know these things are not SUPPOSED to be funny, but I can not deny... they are!) This morning at 6:20 I woke up to her (in her sleep) screaming "NO TADA!!!" (that is how she says Konnor) and hitting the bed as hard as she could! What to do with this crazy little girl... The last picture I have for you today looks very much like a paparazzi shot and was taken before I convinced her to "cover her boobies"



  1. Oh they are so cute! I like sour cream's not that weird...ok maybe it is!

  2. I LOVE sour cream! I just told Aarik we were going to have to buy some and hide it from her! When I was pregnant I could eat it like she does, but I worry she is going to have a heart attack before the age of 2 if we let her keep eating that junk!! LOL