Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Pictures

SO- by the time I realized how fast the Christmas season had come I was sick with a super fun stomach virus and so we did not make or send out Christmas cards this year. However, we did get a few fun pics that we'd like to share with whoever would like to see them. Luckily my bout with the stomach bug came and went fairly quickly and was over before Christmas, Mckenzie wasn't so lucky. She got sick two days before Christmas, took a day off, so we thought she was really lucky, then got sick and threw up during dinner at Nana's on Christmas Eve. She was her sickest on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning so if she doesn't look thrilled, you know why. :) I also had my work cut out for me this year because we had been watching lots of Christmas movies for kids in which they talk about the "true meaning" of Christmas. When I asked my kids what they thought we celebrate Christmas I was told "The true meaning of Christmas is GIVING!" UGH! So we had to relearn things we learned last year and I went and bought Charlie Brown Christmas, just in case the movies are more believable than I am. It's kind of sad how "politically correct" means we can't even talk about Christ's birth when we talk about Christmas. Hopefully next year we'll remember a little better.

This picture is from a few days after Christmas, but it's silly enough to share.
Konnor got pretty much EVERY SINGLE thing he asked for for Christmas. Between Santa, parents, aunts and soon to be uncles and Grandparents he was one happy little boy in Superhero heaven. He was pretty excited about his Iron Man mask Grumpy got him.
Kenzie wore her monkey pj's a lot and they went perfect with her new monkey toboggan from Nana. As a side note, Stuffer is starting to look pretty rough. We hope that Sis outgrows her before she falls apart. :(

This was the one and only picture in which Mckenzie has any type of facial expression so this is our excited Christmas morning picture! Both kids got bikes from Santa (thank you black Friday deals!)
I was most excited about Kenzie's Pretty Pretty Princess game. Later when she felt better, she was most excited about her bike.

Konnor was most excited about his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon on Christmas morning, but has switched up favorites daily.

Granny Byrd came to Nana's on Christmas Eve and we were really excited to see her. She is 91 so every Christmas we spend with her is a treat.

We attempted (repeatedly) to get a cute semi-natural looking picture of the kids in Christmas church clothes in front of the tree. These were some of the results. haha

Local folks already know but we had an extra special treat this year and got a White Christmas. The most snow ever recorded on Christmas day here and the first measurable amount in several decades. We hope that all of you had a wonderful, healthy and happy Christmas. We have some more catch up blogging to do and lots to share but this is a good start for now!

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