Monday, January 31, 2011

What We Did Today (confessions)

Same thing we do every cold icky day, try to take over the world BAKE!! I must be subconsciously excusing my recent baking and southern cooking extravaganza. Hey 4 inch long  fetuses need a sweet fix too!We have been having homemade chicken n dumplings, gumbo and biscuits. And now, this. No, I don't keep candy in my house. Yes, I did get my kids and myself dressed and go out in the cold solely for the purpose of buying candy for these cookies. Why? :) While we discovered that white chocolate melts A LOT easier than milk chocolate, it actually did taste better.

 We used kisses, hugs and white chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups. So far we are in agreement that the best was the Reese's with Hugs in close second. (that's just in case there is anyone else out there who cares as much as I do but isn't quite crazy enough to try three different kinds of candy and just wants the best one)

This is what I got when I asked the kids to look at ME and smile. He's looking at the cookies. With chocolate already on his face.

All in all I'd have to say this was a pretty good day. And by the way, it's vegetable night at our house. ;)

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