Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last Night's Race

So last night was the 5k in Mount Airy. I've been waiting to get official results before I blogged about it, but I'm not sure when that will happen, so for now: I ran it in 26:35 (according to my Garmin) not super fast, but decent. From what I understand I placed first in my age division, which is exciting because that has never happened to me and probably never will again (my info came from a source very close to one of the directors).This only happened because it was a smallish race, but every little victory feels good. I had to leave as soon as I crossed the finish line to get home to Parker and make sure Aarik didn't miss his plans.   No, I didn't pee myself :) I did, however, have to take two quick walk breaks due to the crazy stitch I got in my side. Never had that experience before, and hope to never have it again. It was insanely painful and still hurts today. Not sure exactly what caused it but Runners World suggests this to fix it (for anyone out there who may have this experience in the future). So technically the 5k beat me again. What can ya do? Other than this dreadful pain in my side, the race was really fun. I got to run with a great friend who helped me run through the pain when she could have left me, the decorations on the course were super cute and it was fun to run at night. Callie's grandparents and aunts were there too. Some participating in the race, some taking pictures and some cheering. If I can get my hands on any pics (and don't look crazy in them) I'll post those and if and when official results are posted I'll update again. Please remember to pass on the fundraising page for SMA in honor of Callie. It's been exciting the past few weeks to see some of the advances in research. Just a reminder of how close they are to finding a treatment and how important it is that we continue to fund those doing the research. It would be great if those newly diagnosed with SMA never had to see the worst effects of this disease. My next race is a 10k on April 14th. OK, bedtime for the kids; we have all kinds of new schedules starting tomorrow!

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