Thursday, March 15, 2012


was one of those days where motherhood felt more like a life sentence than a life calling. I was glad it was my day to run (Aarik and I are alternating until after his race on the 25th). The one blessing of time change this week is that I've been able to get outside for all of my mileage  :). It felt great to run in the rain and it felt nice to finally be rid of the stitch in my side from last weekend. Speaking of which, all of their times and places were off. I'm not sure where exactly I placed or how my time and theirs is so different (wish theirs was right) but I ran the race and I finished it and for now, sad as it may be, the time I got was my 5k PR. My last several runs have gone well, the first mile sucks and then it gets progressively better and I get progressively faster with each mile. Sunday is Aarik and my 7 year anniversary so we are celebrating Saturday. We love to do long runs together but never get to anymore so we are excited to do at least ten miles on Saturday and grab a quick lunch. The kids are keeping us super busy and Aarik's schedule at work has changed and, from what we understand will be changing again sometime in the near future. Parker is such a cutie! He is running around the house in his walker and, for right now, screaming "mama" over and over all day long. Konnor is doing great with his math and keeping up his reading. He uses the reading corner on his own a lot. Mckenzie is starting to read some and we are very proud of her. I need to keep our camera handy so I can take pics to put with the few family blog updates I actually do. Right now life is school, kids, running, kids, cleaning, kids, church calling, kids. Hopefully by next family blog update there will be pictures!  

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