Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hazardous to Your Health?

Tonight I was chased by a mamma pit bull, a chihuahua named Coconut, who has tried to get me before, and geese and when I finished my run and was walking home some jerk, on a terrible sounding Harley wanna be motorcycle, revved his engine or hit the gas so loud right beside me that my left ear popped and I couldn't hear out of that side until after I got out of the shower. Seems like a lot to happen in four and a half miles. But it was still a good run. All things considered.

Also, in the time I've been a mom we have been blessed to never have serious sickness, never an ear infection or anything more serious than a cold or an occasional stomach bug. This past month has been wild. Parker got an ear infection after all the kids had a little cold. We took him to the Dr and got some terrible antibiotics that he hated, and I'm pretty sure they didn't work because when we took him to the Dr Monday for what turned out to be RSV, he had an ear infection in the same ear. Now that he's getting better Aarik, Konnor and Mckenzie are sick. Coughing mainly, nothing as bad as Parker's I thought. Until I got home from my run tonight and Mckenzie started throwing up, and continued to throw up until after the kids went to bed at 9:30. UGH. Poor kids get put through the ringer building their immune system. I'm praying that I continue to be blessed to not get sick so that I can take care of all these sick folks and that we haven't picked up an entirely different virus or stomach bug.

 Aarik has been getting in a few hours of over time the past two weeks and our days seem to get more and more chaotic. It makes me wonder when (or IF) family life ever slows down enough for you to really enjoy it and take it in. My guess is that it doesn't, and we need to start trying to make more opportunities to really spend time with our family. Our kids are so sweet and they are growing so fast. It's nuts how much of "young family" life is spent just trying to make it through the day, or the week, or month. Thinking things will slow down when we aren't sick anymore. No, when we get this job. No, when our schedule changes. It's almost like you are wishing days away without realizing it. I hope that we can find a way to slow down and appreciate our littles while they are still little. There will never be another blessing like them. How grateful I am for the sweet blessings in my life! Enjoy yours!

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